Teer is a game played with group of archers and audience to judge the game. Teer players often search for Shillong teer result, although Juwai and Khanapara teer result are not exception to it.

The game is popular in the countryside of North India. This game has been around for centuries and people who play it are called ‘Teerwallas”. Archers aims at wooden board or a tree and aim along at once. Once the event is finished they check the number of teers on the board or a tree. The calculated number is then called “teer result“.

How Shillong teer result works?

Shillong teer is a form of gambling that is based on the results of a sporting event, such as an election.

The Shillong teer result is an Indian term that refers to the outcome of a sporting event and in some cases political events. It’s also called in some regions as “bandi” or “maichh” which is based on the result of an election.

Shillong teer is an Indian game which involves striking a ring, which is suspended by a thin thread, with the palm of the hand so as to send it swinging about.

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Where Shillong teer is played?

The game is played at Shillong’s race course and other places. The game has many enthusiasts in Assam, Nagaland and Manipur; however, it is not very popular outside these states. If you wanted to be part of it, that’s fair and easy. You’ll need to buy the number slots in a separate house/number or ending number or the whole number.

Players are required to strike the ring three times in succession. If they succeed in doing so, they are awarded six points. It becomes 12 points if they strike four times or more in succession. If they miss three consecutive attempts to strike it, their turn comes to an end and they start over again from zero points.

When can people play teer game?

Teer can be played at morning time or night time. Both these events draws two results- Shillong morning teer results and night teer results. Users can play whatever they want, even at UK lunchtime results and hence increasing the chances of winning.

What is Teer counter event?

The Teer target game is played in various clubs in Shillong, Juwai, Khanapara, and you’ll find approximately eight clubs in complete that makes this match occur. So if 567 arrows hit on the target on complete, then results can be calculated. The calculated results in various clubs are referred as teer counter event. The game is played on an open golf or polo ground. Approximately 50 archers are aligning themselves (they’re paid around Rs.300 per day), and they shoot arrows ranging from 300 to 1000 at a wooden goal post, and all the Archers are known for what they are doing and are chosen special ones. The moment the archers end shooting and the arrows pierced into the goal, officials of this Teer counter event judges and calculate the arrows carefully which have struck on the Teer goal.