UK 49s TEAtime Results

June 19, 2021

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Welcome to the UK49s National Lottery. The Teatime Draw takes place at evening-time (UK) and is announced right here at 18:50 PM South Africa time. We keep you updated with all of today’s winning numbers in our latest teatime results post! This game is totally up to chance so make sure you’re responsible enough when playing this lottery that we know will have a winner eventually.

Teatime results for today

19-06-2021, Saturday

Teatime  Draw



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About UK49s

The UK49s Lottery has been running for almost 3 decades, making it one of the best-running lotteries in all of Europe. They give players a chance to win prizes that will change their lives and after beginning specific changes along with adding a lottery on Wednesdays back in 1997, this is when they began raising much needed cash for government funding programs like sports and recreation as well as health care or welfare. The money from these funds goes towards things such as arts funding (national heritage), even going so far down at local communities within United Kingdom.

Development of UK49s Lotto

In October 2015, a new set of 10 balls were added to the National Lottery draw in order to provide more chances for players and make it easier than ever before for winners. This addition also ensures that UK49s Lunchtime & Teatime draws remains entertaining while providing contributions towards public programs.

The decision was made by The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) on behalf of their members which are Camelot Group plc., Scientific Games Interactive Limited, or any other private company authorized under Section 12A(2)(a) lotteries Act 1997.

Buying UK National Lottery

The latest surveys show that two-thirds of UK adults play the lotto on a regular basis. In 2010, users were able to purchase teatime tickets online and now with today’s technological advancements in telecommunications you can buy your National Lottery ticket from all corners of the world using just your smart phones.

How to Win the United Kingdom's 49s Lotto

You may have heard that the United Kingdom’s National Lottery is a game of luck. Well, you’re not wrong- but there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of winning! Play the lottery on a regular basis. There is no reasoning behind this other than it increases your chances of winning by playing more often and making better choices when you do play, such as focusing on numbers that have not been drawn recently.

One aspect has to do with how many tickets you buy when entering. The more tickets, the better chance of winning- so don’t leave yourself wanting.

Teatime Results FAQ - UK 49s

Some of the most asked user queries about teatime and lunchtime draws.

Also known as evening results, Teatime draw begins at 17:40(UK time)/18:40(SA time) and is held every day. Note that the draw time and time for declaring result numbers vary. 

Latest UK49 teatime results comes out at 17:50 PM(UK) and 18:50 PM(SA) after the draw event.

Most common occurring numbers from lunchtime draws are 37 and 46.

UK 49s is a type of 6/49 lotto game.