How An Insurance Loss Assessor Can Help Following A Disaster

How An Insurance Loss Assessor Can Help Following A Disaster


If you run a successful small business having good insurance cover is crucial, and you would assume this would cover you sufficiently following a fire, flood or burglary. This isn’t always the case, and when you require your business to return to normal as quickly as possible, this will need to be addressed.

We all know that insurance companies will try and wriggle out of paying the premium when it comes to insurance claims – and when you are expected to deal with nuances of the claim yourself, it can be nigh on impossible to get the kind of money you need to take your company forward following the disaster. In addition to this, the insurance company will have appointed a loss adjuster to the case to investigate your liability and the extent of the cover as it relates to the claim.

If this all seems a little unfair, then I would suggest you may be right. However, a small business can use a secret weapon to combat the insurance company – know in the industry as an insurance loss assessor. An insurance loss assessor will be working for, and representing, you and your company. Working solely with you and your business in mind the insurance loss assessor (who will probably work on a no win no fee basis) will carry out the same research as the loss adjuster, will complete all the relevant paperwork for the claim and negotiate on your behalf. Because they are working for you (and on a no win no fee basis), you can rest assured that they will get the best possible financial payment for your business.

The insurance loss assessor will provide a true statement of what you have lost in the disaster and negotiate the settlement with the insurance company – getting you and your business what you are rightfully owed. Insurance loss assessors tend to specialise in fire insurance claims, flood insurance claims, theft insurance claims and business interruption claims. They do have access to a multitude of another professional in specialist areas so can accommodate virtually any claim you need them to.

When you have poured your life into creating a successful business you don’t want to disappear into the dust following a disaster.

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Find the right course for you


If you have found yourselves at a crossroads in life and you are either hindered in your career, or you have found yourself unhappy with the job you are in, you would probably benefit from looking at additional qualifications to boost your potential.

All too often people find themselves compromising their careers due to a lack of training and while finding time to pursue training and managing to fund it can be a challenge to some, the benefits are sure to be worth it. A course offering a business management diploma, for example, can provide you with a professional qualification which could help you gain an advantage over your peers for a career in business.

Search engines for education are now available online which offer users a gateway to a wide variety of information on courses along with the opportunity to contact course providers and discuss your requirements. Finding the right path, whether it is in business or something different becomes less of a daunting task and more accessible than ever before.

These search engines can also help keen business owners who would like to train their staff because they understand the essential benefits of investing in their human resources will bring them and their business.



The challenges and trends of Public Sector Employment in today’s environment


Not surprisingly, as the financial crisis continues to grip the UK, there is an increasing shift on demand from private to public sector jobs in finance. An inevitable trend which sees finance jobs in the realms of Central and Local Government, Health, Housing, Education and charities, a preferable role with added security. Commitment to investment and borrowing from the government to protect and increase the scope of public sector jobs makes it more of a desirable sector to be in. Differences continue to divide the private and public areas, and some of the challenges that will always remain in public sector recruitment continue to be the complexity and importance of the accounting positions in the sector and the demand of specialist knowledge and capabilities within those roles.

Salaries, benefits and the general tone of working have always segregated the sectors but a continuous push from the public sector to become more in line with the private sector is starting to make a difference. Targeting candidates from industry and banking due to their results-focus and business intelligence provides more commercial awareness and increases business efficiency and performance for the public sector. Adopting a more commercial structure and identifying the transferable experience an individual has into non-profit environments are key factors to ensure open and non-profit organisations get as much value for money in a time when government reviews and motions are becoming increasingly more demanding.

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However transferable and relevant a private sector individual has to the public sector still won’t deter from a greater need for understanding and empathy with the ‘product’ of the non-profit sector. Nor will it be acceptable for individuals to see public sector recruitment as the safest avenue, gaining employment in this sector requires a high level of commitment to integrating within the team and meet the public areas demands and expectations and attaining highly accountable targets. There are specific roles within the private sector that lend themselves better to public and non-profit sectors than others, and individuals from the private sector who have highly technical finance skills within a banking background find themselves well equipped with highly regulated organisations like government departments for example. For a real insight into getting into public sector roles based on your experience to date contacting a specialist recruitment agency will provide you with the vital information you need.


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